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Women’s Hair Loss Treatment

Introduction to Hair Loss Treatment – Scalp Micro Pigmentation:

master2Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a sophisticated medical tattoo process that creates a natural looking simulation of micro hairs. This incredibly detailed scalp application is administered to the head typicaly in 2-3 sessions performed over the course of 2-3 days creating what many are now calling the ultimate modern solution for hair loss.

For sufferers of regular hair loss or alopecia, SMP offers an effective cosmetic hair loss solution. Competent appliation of the SMP technique results in the appearance of a cropped hairstyle, regardless of your hair loss situation. Even clients who are completely bald can have a natural looking hairstyle again.

SMP can:

  • Create the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair.
  • Recreate a natural, more youthful frontal hairline and side profile.
  • Permanently camouflage the symptions of alopecia.
  • Camouflage hair transplant scars form strip harvesting or follicular unit exraction surgery.
  • Hide birthmarks and accident related scars or burns.
  • Work as a combination solution with hair transplant to provide additional density.

SMP for Women

Women with thinning hair are also candidates for SMP

When a woman realizes that she is losing her hair it can be devastating. Regardless of the reason, she should seek medical attention to try to remedy the situation. If a medical solution is not an option, then SMP is highly recommended. Pigment expertly applied to the scalp to replicate follicles and short hair strokes will give the illusion of thicker, more abundant hair, thus restoring confidence and femininity in an otherwise desperate situation.

Female pattern baldness is different than male pattern baldness. Typically, the frontal hairline is maintained. The hair thins out over the top of the head, and may thin out over the crown area, but usually does not progress to the extent that occurs in men.

40 to 50% of women experience thinning of their hair. It is more common than most people think!  Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a quick, painless solution to a thicker head of hair!

 A window into the Female SMP Process

This female client came to us looking for relief from her thinning hair.

She has family history of female pattern balding and also noticed increased loss of hair following hormone treatment.

Her story is like many other women. Depression, weight gain and lack of confidence are among many symptoms she has experienced.

We have consulted with her over the phone. This is our first face to face meeting, and first treatment day.


These are her results following her third treatment.


It’s easy to begin the process, Email your top, side and back pictures of your head: and contact information and then we will promptly reply with details of treatment and cost estimates.

If at that point you are ready to pursue your exciting new look, the next step will be an in person consultation to discuss treatment specifics, answer all of your questions and give you a pretreatment plan along with reconfirmation of all costs.SA_Logo

So just,

  • Send us your pictures to inkbypam@gmail.com to start the estimate.
  • Schedule your one on one consultation
  • Book your first appointment

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