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SMP Training and Apprenticeship Opportunities

As the industry of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) grows, the most qualified technicians will be in high demand.

As a core office and master technician for Scalp Aesthetics, Pam Neighbors is offering hands on training, continuing education and support in the field of scalp micropigmentation.

For anyone dealing with balding, receding hairlines, thinning hair or scars in the scalp, SMP can be a life changing procedure. Scalp Aesthetics has perfected this art and is now the largest and fastest growing smp company in the world.

If you are interested in SMP training, Pam Neighbors can help you achieve your goals and become a skilled technician.

At the Scalpa Academy we strive to create the very best technicians through our face to face training sessions. Our technicians are artists who achieve optimal results for each and every client, through our hands on approach of practical experience paired with our online training. This interesting, yet flexible way of learning is a proven, successful combination to instill knowledge and encourage creativity in our trainees.

Why choose Pam Neighbors as your SMP instructor?

Pam is Scalp Aesthetics master technician in the Seattle/Portland area. Pam has 26+ years experience in the field. She is a licensed, certified permanent cosmetics artist at the top in her industry, and is accomplished in tattoo art, scar camouflage, esthetics and micro needling. In her years of practice she has helped countless clients with a variety of procedures and worked closely with Seattle’s leading cosmetic surgeons.

Pam’s studio is the ideal location in Washington for this training experience.

Pam uses Scalp Aesthetics SMP training principles and understands the importance of letting you learn at your own pace. Our online modules are critical building blocks for the foundation of success in the SMP world. We want our trainees to be comfortable with procedures and equipment before proceeding to the face to face portion of our training.

At Pam’s studio you will reinforce your skills, ask questions, watch a master at work and build the confidence necessary to start a successful career in scalp micropigmentation – the Scalp aesthetics way!

Train with Pam Neighbors at her Washington location and get a real feel for the SMP process. See how you can grow with Scalp Aesthetics!