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3-D Hair Stroke Eyebrows

Why has the “Eyebrow Craze” suddenly gone viral…


For years, women and some men have been enjoying the benefits of cosmetic tattooing; eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color to be precise; permanent tattoos that replace makeup.

Within the past few years, a huge new movement within the permanent makeup industry has arisen.  The “Eyebrow Craze” has been catapulted into mainstream permanent cosmetics procedures by the emergence of a procedure know as microblading.  Microblading, also known as micro-strokes, eyebrow embroidery, brow etching and a few other names are now appearing as searchable names on the Internet.


The microblading of eyebrows is a technique where a tattoo that simulates a hair is etched into the skin with a tool consisting of several tiny needles lined up to resemble a blade.  The tool is dipped into a pigment and dragged through the skin leaving pigment in the wound.

Microblade tattooing has a lifespan of approximately 6 months to a year depending upon the depth of the implanted color; and the final results are ultimately determined by the skill of the operator.

Many young women opt for microbladed eyebrows/micro-stroke eyebrows because it’s touted as semi-permanent. These women are concerned that in the future that either their preferences or the design trend will change.

Microblading apprehensions that come to mind are noted below.  However, have you been really told the truth by a person performing the Microblading procedure?

  • Tattoo professionals and artists who are tattooing both body art and cosmetic applications wonder how many times can delicate facial tissue tolerate the slicing and cutting and will permanent scars caused by numerous microblading procedures be visible?
  • No women of any age will give up their brows. Numerous microblading procedures will potentially cause permanent brow loss.  

If you were told about potential permanent scars and brow loss would you under go the microblading procedure in the first place!


The preferred eyebrow permanent cosmetic alternative is “3D Hair Stroke”.

This procedure delivers thousands of tiny punctures leaving behind a trace amount of pigment with each skin puncture and is similar to a dot matrix image.  These punctures leave the epidermis intact and if delivered correctly, the skin heals completely without scarring and the color will live within the skin for a longer amount of time.  

The 3-D hair stroke method “tattoos” the pigment in rather than “slicing” it in like microblading.  The strokes look the same, but will last approximately 2-5 years and sometimes longer.

3-D hair strokes tattooed in the eyebrow area may be maintained for years to come.  The skin heals completely leaving no scar tissue behind thus the tattoo can be refreshed as needed.


The costs are similar for both procedures.

Some will argue that microblading looks more natural than permanent cosmetic makeup procedures.  However, this is only true of solid tattooing of the brows and even though it is probably the most common method used today, it is the highly skilled permanent cosmetic artists that have developed and been tattooing the 3-D eyebrow hair strokes for the last 25+ years!

The choice is ultimately up to the client.  It is highly recommended to do your homework, and ask questions which procedure is right for you before under going the faddish eyebrow craze procedure known as microblading.


Check out some examples of our 3-D hair stroke eyebrows.



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