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Before You Go Under the Knife, Try Going Under the Needle




Pam Neighbors is a licensed esthetician and permanent cosmetics artist in WA state.

To all my loyal readers, I am thrilled to announce that a division of Trillium Ink, ltd. will now offer a natural process for anti-aging that I highly endorse. In fact, it has been plumping away my own slightly sagging or wrinkling signs of aging!




One of the biggest and most effective trends in anti-aging now does not involve chemicals, injections, or surgery. Women are turning to a procedure called micro needling, a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that encourages the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Extremely fine needles to produce a very light, microscopic, controlled skin injury, thus kicking the skin into the healing mode. In doing so, it produces more collagen and elastin (two things we lose with age), and the result is astounding.

This is not surgery or tattooing. It does not depend on fillers or Botox to paralyze muscles. Instead, it works over time to actually use the body’s own natural healing process. The anti-aging movement will never be the same. Your skin’s texture and firmness will be noticeably better after just 3-6 treatment sessions! A topical anesthetic is used, so this is not a painful procedure, and though it makes the skin look very red at first (this is the weekend to clean out the closets!) the redness disappears quickly and the result is so worth it!

Colleen Schwartz-Hall is our skin care specialist. She is a licensed master esthetician with 20+ years experience. Her knowledge of the skin paired with micro needling technology insures her clients’ fabulous results! I have worked with Colleen for many years and can tell you that she is a joy to be around!

Micro needling has been used in the past for scar relaxation. I personally used it for years to break up hardened tissue so that it would more readily accept camouflage pigments. Needling is also known to reduce stretch marks and acne scarring. I am thrilled that I have seen a marked improvement in my own skin, reducing dark spots from sun exposure just 2 needling sessions!

If plastic surgeons trust this procedure, and it has now been perfected for anti-aging, take advantage of it! Just make sure that you choose a highly trained, experienced technician, and ask to see pictures like the one I have included here.

Can Micro needling be used in conjunction with Botox? Absolutely! Botox stops the muscle action that causes the repeated folding of the skin. Every frown, squint or smile is created by muscle action. If we have made the effort to needle and get collagen to fill in those wrinkles, why wouldn’t we want to follow up with Botox and keep it from happening again?  It’s not mandatory, but I love the combined results!

Ladies, all I can say is that you are missing an amazing and natural anti-aging tool if you pass up micro needling as an anti-aging solution!

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