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Eyeliner and Brows


Eyeliner and Brows

Sometimes when I have a permanent makeup client who is in distress over eyebrows and eyelashes that have disappeared, I share with them—and now you, my readers—the story of how I got into this field, and why I understand how finding the right permanent makeup artist is so important to their confidence.

I vividly remember the day I was browsing through a cosmetic trade magazine when I came across an article introducing something they called “permanent make-up”. At that time I was in my early 30’s, and felt sure that I had most likely drawn my eyebrows on at least a trillion times!  My ears perked up and I ripped through the article absorbing every ounce of information!  The very idea of permanently applied brows had me in hyper-drive…..I had a consultation appointment set in just a few weeks.

The consultation was with a lady from California.  She was working mobile out of a local plastic surgeons office.  She answered my questions and seemed knowledgeable about the process.  I was anxious to dive in.  

Later that night, I pulled a note with her number and precare instructions out of my purse.  That’s when it hit me.  I couldn’t read a darn word of her writing!  If she couldn’t write her name legibly, how could she draw my eyebrows on???  Oh Lord, the artist in me was getting worried.  

I knew then, this was an art driven process.  I needed more information.  And I needed to know what I had to do to get trained.  This was right up my alley!  No one should ever have to deal with the make-up nightmares that I had been through.  I was on a mission to learn this art and bring relief to “browless” women everywhere!


Even though my anxiety over my eyebrows did not compare to that of my clients who have suffered their entire lives with alopecia and have no brows, lashes, or hair, I deeply feel that no one should have to suffer low self-esteem when there are ways to bring back a natural look through expert artistry.

It is critical to find a permanent makeup eyeliner specialist with solid experience, both in art and make-up. You don’t want dots that bleed or a color that does not blend with your natural skin and hair.

The magic of permanent make-up, if applied correctly, can also produce a natural eyelash line that makes sparse eyelashes look thicker and fuller. This technique is known as “lash enhancement,” and involves using “pointillism,” where tiny dots of pigment are added between the eyelashes creating a naturally defined eye. One technique I use on women over 40 is to soften the line underneath the eye with a lighter color.  This gives balance to the eye, but is not a hard lower line.

Personally, I love waking up with my eyeliner already there!  A morning person I am not.  I can barely find the mirror, much less get a perfectly straight line on my eyes at 6am!

On the serious side, I appreciate my experience in this field every time I work with a client who has had a stroke and can no longer apply her makeup, or someone whose macular degeneration may end in full or partial blindness, and all she wants to do is look pretty when she sits down for coffee with her husband. No one wants to go backwards when it comes to their looks.

When we look good, we feel good.  We are more confident.  We get a little sassy.  

Life should be easy.  

Make-up is NOT easy!

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